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Hello, I'm Tessa ! I'm an LA based  photographer with a strong passion for design and  vintage everything !  Follow along as I share all things design related ! 

Our house: breakfast nook inspiration

If you know me, you know I love a good breakfast nook. We had an empty corner in our kitchen that was too far removed from the rest of our kitchen to continue the counters and cabinets. It was the perfect spot for my very own breakfast nook. Our house has a long open concept and we always find out selves congregating in the living room. This was mainly because of our eye sore of a kitchen. Now that we are re working the space, we knew that we wanted to create another relaxing place to hang out. My solution was a deep built in bench with thick down filled cushions. After a lot of back and forth we decided against a back rest and instead are doing a cushion like the one below.

( Image via Pinterest )

I like the more minimal look of not having a backrest and this height of the back cushion is perfect for leaning back and resting you arm on.

This built in sofa I shot for Vanessa Alexander ( Alexander Design and Build ) in her Malibu Home. We are actually going to do something quite similar and put the same arm rest / table at the far end of the bench.

( image via Pinterest )

This one of the original inspirations for the pillows, we'll be doing Portola Paint's Roman Clay on the wall and onto the bench so it will look very similar to this but in off white ( like below )

( photo of Materia Lumina's old house in the desert / photo Jessica Menda )

This lovely house near Joshua Tree was for sale last year and I was really considering buying it to turn into a curated rental. It turns out Merchant Modern ended up buying it and doing just that ! You can check out what they've done with the space and inquire about renting it here.

( image via Pinterest )

Chris and I were struggling to figure out how deep to make the bench so we put some cardboard boxes down and parts of our Ikea cabinets to get a feel for it. We landed on 25" deep and are doing a bit of a lip on the bench so your knees aren't stuck at a 90 degree angle when sitting. ( you'll see what I mean when we finish the wood frame )

Below are are some breakfast nooks I've saved on my pinterest

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Thank you for your excellent article on sleeping in separate bedrooms. I sleep SO MUCH BETTER solo and am in total agreement with your observations of the arrangement! And, it delightfully breaks down the old adage of couples HAVE to sleep together lest anyone think something is "wrong" in their relationship. THANK YOU.

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