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Hello, I'm Tessa ! I'm an LA based  photographer with a strong passion for design and  vintage everything !  Follow along as I share all things design related ! 

A case for lamps in the kitchen

Chris is against lamps in the kitchen, but only after he came home and saw my alabaster lamp complete with pleated lampshade sitting atop our plywood countertops surrounded by torn open drywall ( see below). I'm giving him another chance to reconsider his stance and building case for table lamps in the kitchen.

I find them them to be so cozy and inviting at night. I have quite a large lamp collection and I'm running out of surfaces ! I have 3 and counting in the living room so far

We've been without a usable kitchen for over 2 months with no end in site, JUST LET ME DO THIS.

Below I've rounded up some options for table lamps that were made to shine in the kitchen !

There's too many lamps I want in the kitchen, I'm not sure how I'm going to make this decision !

( Image via House Beautiful )

( Couldn't pin down the source of this country kitchen, comment below if you know ! )

Design and photo via Alyssa Kapito Interiors

( photo by Sarah Elliott )

Athena Calderone's kitchens is still one of my favorite kitchens to date and has the perfect little squiggly rattan lamp.

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